• Ben Falchuk

    Developer.. Researcher.. Untangler..

    Originally from Canada I now live in the greater New York City area in the rolling hills of the Hudson River valley. I solve technical and design challenges with innovative and effective solutions, and have been lucky to work with many talented people. When not at a computer writing software, creating designs or inventing new technologies I can sometimes be found running, playing tennis, creating photo-illustrations, learning finger-style, or reading about the cosmos. Contact me to chat, work, play, or collaborate: ben.falchuk@gmail.com

  • Links to Selected Projects

    (..may change at any time..)

    My Facebook graphics forum - @creativeinterfaces

    A place to see cool and creative uses of computer graphics & imagery, VFX, and HCI (I'm also co-Editor for a sister academic journal).

    Google+ photos

    Photography and illustration

    Some photos, photo-illustrations, experiments.

    Nyack Sketch Mob prj. website

    Nyack Sketch Mob website

    An interactive geospatial archive of a creative community event.

    Creative faux landscape cv's

    Faux "landscape landing pages"

    What if geologic features had web pages? ..And what if they were peppy careerists? Check out: Storm King, Hudson Digital, and Hook Mountain.

    Learn to Score Tennis app

    Tennis app

    A simple app to teach my daughter to properly score tennis games.  Play it on Google Cloud Platform.

    The Fabric of Mobile Services

    My co-authored textbook

    "The Fabric of Mobile Services - Software Paradigms and Business Demands". Get it on Amazon.

    Ben Falchuk design portfolio

    Udacity VR developer profile

    Profile and virtual reality experiments

    Book Cover mock-up illustrations

    Responsive website to highlight a creative project

    Ben Falchuk design portfolio

    Design, product and coding portfolio, references

    Available upon request.