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    (may change at any time..)

    Graphics Magazine

    My Facebook graphics forum - @creativeinterfaces . A place to see cool and creative uses of computer graphics (I'm also co-Editor for a sister academic journal).

    Photography and photo-illustration

    Some photos, photo-illustrations, experiments. See them in a Google+ Collection.

    Nyack Sketch Mob website

    An interactive geospatial archive of a creative community event. Check out the website.

    Faux "landscape landing pages"

    What if geologic features had web pages? ..And what if they were peppy careerists? Check out: Storm King, Hudson Digital, and Hook Mountain.




    Tennis app

    A simple responsive app to teach my daughter to properly score tennis games. Play it on Google Cloud Platform.




    My co-authored textbook

    "The Fabric of Mobile Services - Software Paradigms and Business Demands". Get it on Amazon. Other past work is also available on Amazon.




    Udacity VR developer profile

    Profile and virtual reality experiments




    Book covers based on my photos (responsive web)

    Trying my hand at book cover design. See it on Google Cloud platform.

    Parallax web 'dioramas'

    Multi-layered web "dioramas". Confused? Go see it on Google Cloud platform.




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